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Concrete Patios

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Adding a patio to your backyard can be a great idea. It gives somewhere to dine, and to hang out with the family - and increases curb appeal if you’re considering selling. It’s an investment, and could allow you to spend more time in your yard enjoying the fresh air. A concrete patio is a flexible option which will last well, and can be tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for a small dining area, or a large patio to create a real outdoor eating, grilling and living area, we can help. Give the team at Appleton Concrete a call to get a quote.

Why use concrete for my patio?

Concrete is a great patio material because it is flexible, long lasting and economical. Concrete can be poured to any specification, so your concrete patio can be exactly the dimensions and shape you have in mind. Looked after properly, it can last for 25 years or more, with relatively little maintenance. All you’ll need to do is keep it clean and reseal the surface from time to time to keep it looking smart. Stamped and stained concrete options are also great for adding a little character to your yard, and enhancing the look and feel of your property.

Can I lay my own concrete patio?

Although it’s possible for amateurs to hire the equipment to lay concrete for their own home patios, we do recommend you call in a professional to avoid possible problems. A poorly laid patio can look ugly, and certainly won’t last as well as a properly installed concrete patio. Additionally, working with concrete can come with some risks. You’ll need to use proper protective gear including safety gloves, long pants to ensure no contact is made with the cement mixture, long-sleeved shirts, protective boots, goggles to protect the eyes, face masks to avoid breathing in dust and kneeling boards.

Concrete patio design ideas

One of the beauties of using concrete for a patio is that you can really have any design or style you want. Your only limit is your imagination. If you have elements you wish to incorporate into your design including color and texture, talk to your contractor who will be able to build on your ideas and come up with some options for you. Try mixing and matching different textures using stamping and landscaping elements. Or use concrete in your home as well as your garden to give the effect of an uninterrupted line, and make the outdoors a real living space. You’re also free to explore different shapes to fit your home and existing landscaping, so your concrete patio could really take on any form you choose.

Our service

At Appleton Concrete, we will take you through the process of laying your patio step by step so you understand exactly what we are going to do. Your patio can be laid to any shape or size, and could be stamped to add texture, or stained for a different look for your backyard. Our contractors can take you through all of the alternatives, and offer quotes for these before you decide. After laying and finishing the patio, we will talk through the maintenance needed to keep your patio in great shape for years to come, including proper cleaning and resealing processes.

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