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Concrete Repairs

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Concrete is an extremely hard wearing surface for both interior and exterior surfaces. A concrete driveway for example might last for 25 wears - or even more. An interior concrete surface, if properly looked after, can last a lifetime. However, this is only possible with proper installation, and aftercare. Over time you might find that there is damage due to weather or general wear and tear, which should be fixed as soon as possible to make sure a small problem doesn’t grow bigger. The good news is that small concrete repairs are typically fairly simple and cheap. Give us a call for a quote today.

How do I know I need to repair my concrete surface?

Shrinkage cracks can be caused if the main concrete slab cures at a different rate to the surface. If the surface dries a lot quicker than the rest of the concrete you might see mid-depth cracks forming at random intervals. This can happen due to poor application of concrete, especially if the weather is hot and dry at the time of pouring. You might also find thin, deep hairline cracks which will grow and expand if they’re not dealt with quickly, as well as surface scarring. In both of these cases, concrete can be repaired but the end color of the repair might not completely match the original.

What if I don’t repair the damaged concrete?

Whatever the reason for the damage, a concrete surface will continue to degrade if it is left with cracks and scarring. In most cases the culprit is the weather - especially if water gets into the cracks and freezes. This causes the cracks to expand over time, and makes small areas of damage much harder to fix up. As with most repair jobs, putting it off will only mean it’s harder to repair in the end. You might even find that getting an entirely new concrete surface is the best option, if damage is left unchecked and continues to get worse. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

How do you repair damaged concrete surfaces?

Firstly it helps to understand the type and cause of the damage. This will help us assess what steps might help repair the damage and also prevent it from happening again. Small cracks might be filled using a specialist material, or it might make more sense to resurface the area with a thin layer of fresh concrete for a smooth and uniform finish. Resurfacing is more disruptive in the short term but can meant that you avoid having visible repairs on the surface of your driveway or patio. Your contractor can talk through the options available to you, and offer quotes for any different treatments routes.

Our service

Damage to concrete can occur due to age or weather - or because the concrete has not been properly laid and cured in the first place. Don’t worry though - whatever the reason for the damage, we can help you repair your concrete drive, patio or other surface. Your contractor will explain how we could approach repairs and how long you might then expect your concrete surface to last, with proper care and maintenance. They can also offer advice about how to treat and protect your concrete surface to make sure it remains trouble free for as long as possible - usually simply by proper cleaning and occasionally using a specialist product to seal the surface.

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