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Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete allows you to add a bit more character to your interior and exterior concrete flooring. There are a wide range of finishes available, to match both your personal preference and the existing colors of your home. Stains can be added to newly laid concrete, or other concrete surfaces which have been properly cleaned and which are free from damage. This can add a new lease of life to an existing concrete surface. With just a little attention, your stain should stay fresh looking and retain its great color for years to come.

Where and why use stained concrete?

Stained concrete can be used for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. There are various different types of stain which are usually divided into acid and water based products. With different stain types you can achieve different finishes, from a translucent stain to something which is more opaque, and a wide range of colors. This means that concrete stains are extremely versatile and can be used for indoor living areas and kitchens, as well as for outdoor surfaces like driveways and patios. To add even more character you can pair your concrete staining with stamped concrete for texture.

How do I look after my stained concrete surface?

To maintain the color you’ve chosen, your stained concrete surface needs a little looking after. Exterior stained concrete should be cleaned and sealed from time to time. Interior surfaces can be cleaned with a mop as with most other flooring types, and a gentle cleaning product. They’ll then need to be waxed every now and again to make sure the color remains as fresh as the day it was added. Although the stain penetrates the concrete surface, meaning it is very hardy, over time and with normal wear, there will be some fading. Proper care can limit this significantly.

Can I stain any concrete surface?

Concrete surfaces should be properly prepared before staining. If there is a lot of existing damage to a surface it might not be a great idea to stain it as many stains are translucent. Any flaws in the surface will show through and this can damage the finished effect. Stains will also not apply properly over surfaces that are dirty, or where there is grease or any other products on the concrete. Your contractor will thoroughly assess the concrete surface before works begin to ensure it is suited to the stain you’ve chosen.

Our service

Although it is possible to stain a concrete surface yourself, there are several issues with this. Firstly, the stains are designed to be permanent. This means that any mistake will last, and you could end up with an uneven finish if the area is not prepared properly, or if you choose a stain which isn’t suited to your surface. Secondly, there are safety considerations, as some stains are particularly dangerous when they come into contact with skin, or produce dangerous odors. We advise you to get a quote for the surface first, and learn more about the service we can offer you, rather than leaping into trying to stain your concrete yourself.

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